Last updated 5 months ago

In Arivaa Firebase, We have used Segment Analytics, one of the leading platform in performing in-app analytics using events and screen triggers.


We have created a helper (src/utils/analytics.js) for you to manage to manage the analytics flow.

Configuration is done under src/config/analytics.js. (You will need to change the API Key here).


  1. Create an account on segment portal.

  2. Create 2 sources for ios and android.

  3. Go to each source and then to settings/API Keys and copy the write key for ios and android.

  4. Update the api keys in src/config/analytics.js

  5. You can start firing events in the application using trackEvent and recordScreenTransition methods present in src/config/analytics.js.

  6. View the events and screen transitions in the debugger.

  7. Optional - In order to route these analytics to destinations like google analytics, you can create and configure destinations also in segment portal. No setup required on application end.

Detailed Reference Docs :